• Clinical evaluation – diagnostics
  • Therapeutic patient support and parental guidance
  • Coordination of assistance and professionals involved in pediatric development
  • Prevention and information (including training and organising events)
  • Possible additional support by alternative medicine




In the future, we want to offer differentiated pedagogical care adapted to the specific needs of children in the form of a kindergarten/school (3 to 8 years).

We are working on an innovative concept that will be halfway between the classic integrative aid system of a state school and a special school.

This new pedagogical platform will enable children to be adequately equipped at an early and transitional stage and then to join the usual school system (public or private) with an optimised range of support.

The pedagogical orientation will be based on a benevolent and active pedagogy, taking into account the heritage of alternative pedagogies and neurosciences, while respecting the study plan for French-speaking Switzerland.