Brigitte Vuille



After graduating in psychology in 1985, I worked for many years in a school psychology service (evaluation of children with learning difficulties, school adaptation, anxiety…). Anxious to be able to offer quality services and by putting the emphasis on listening to the needs of children and their parents, I decided to work as an independent by opening my private psychology practice in 2006. During the years 2012-2013, I also participated in research (supervised by the university) in order to improve the knowledge on the screening and support of children with High Potential. Following this research, I had the opportunity to teach the Swiss Federation of Psychologists our findings on the diagnosis and functioning of HPI children.

During my career, I have participated in numerous training courses that have allowed me to acquire skills in various fields such as :

  • Family Therapy
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Child and adolescent affective and cognitive domain
  • Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders
  • Diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders (children with specific deficits: ADHD, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia…)
  • Elaboration of support projects in partnership with the school and family environment

Taking care of children from an early age is important. Studies in neurosciences emphasise the importance of early diagnosis in order to quickly set up therapies and school projects that allow these children to mobilise their intellectual skills and acquire school knowledge. For many years, I have been aware of the need to collaborate with all the therapists around the child in order to support his or her development and fulfillment.