Léna Gorgé Giancola

President and project founder, Paediatrician FMH


The vision for this centre came to me during an emotionally charged journey to my hometown of Bretagne, to visit my dying father in April 2019. This project embodies all the values which I cherished since childhood and anchored into my experience as an adult: being at the service of children who need help to thrive and flourish.

The family unit in which I grew up and my professional path are marked by originality and singularity. Having begun my university  studies in Nantes, France, I continued my medical studies in Germany (Ulm and Munich) to finish off in Switzerland with a paediatric specialisation. My interest in paediatrics began during my teens and intensified a decade ago following my experience in general  paediatrics, paediatric psychiatry, neuropaediatrics and child development.

I remain faithful to the family spirit of research and to open-mindedness, using pragmatic approaches. I believe it is essential to  address children in a holistic sense, embodying all dimensions of human experience: physical, emotional, psychosocial, educational and neurodevelopmental.

Motivated and committed to the health of children, I am driven by the strong desire to go beyond the usual comfort of the paediatric office. I want to create a centre which provides a welcoming and supportive space for parents that prioritises active listening. The centre would provide an all-in-one, unique, multidisciplinary and autonomous space under the same roof.

For all these reasons, I am dedicated to bringing this innovative project to life. Surrounded by a highly competent, enthusiastic and multidisciplinary team, all experts in their field, the heart of the centre focuses on the development of the child: fostering their maximum potential so that they may flourish into a socially-integrated and fulfilled adult.