Karoline Steinemann

Physiotherapist for infants, children and adolescents


Hello, my name is Karoline Steinemann, I am a physiotherapist in paediatrics and Hippotherapy-K®. Born in 1968, I grew up in Swiss German and have been living in Fribourg with my family for more than twenty years (I speak German, French and English).

Immediately after my training as a physio, I specialised in paediatrics, fascinated by curiosity, the meaning of life and the spirit of the child.

My knowledge is based on many years of experience in hospitals, institutions and private practice. Specialist training in the neurodevelopmental fields of children and infants, in spiral dynamics (Spiraldynamik®), in Hippotherapy-K® and in integrative sports such as parallel skiing for people with neurological disorders as well as rafroball, a team sport for everyone – all these training courses and activities are part of the varied background of my profession.

My aim is to consider each movement individually as well as in the context of the whole body. I enjoy working in a precise and playful way in the analysis of movement, as well as in the learning of coordination with the child in therapy.

Early diagnosis and care is essential to anticipate and initiate activities important for development and growth, to support each child’s skills and to facilitate integration and participation in social and sporting activities.

Early diagnosis and care is essential for the favourable development and growth of every child. This awareness facilitates integration and participation in the child’s future social and sporting activities.